Mental Health OT

Mental Health Occupational Therapy 

Mental Health Occupational Therapists work with individuals who are experiencing mental health challenges from a range of backgrounds.

We have a special interest in providing support to individuals who are neurodivergent and also facing health challenges.

Our team is trained in both occupational therapy-specific tools and approaches, as well as structured psychological techniques. This allows us to draw upon a diverse range of interventions and strategies.

We value the lived experience of our clients and strive to learn from them. We believe that each individual is the expert in their own life and that by listening to and understanding their unique experiences, we can better support them.

We work collaboratively with our clients to co-create a plan that is tailored to their specific needs, strengths, challenges, and goals. We believe that every individual has their own unique set of strengths, and we seek to build upon those strengths to achieve greater levels of well-being and fulfillment

If you are seeking support from a Mental Health Occupational Therapist.

Please send your enquiry to Peter Weymouth at or call 0435 345 723. Peter will then contact you to discuss your needs and goals further.